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Welcome to the CT Gambians Association, Inc. website. CT Gambians Association is a dynamic, nonprofit organization founded on May 10, 2014. The objective of the organization is to promote and advance the solidarity and sisterhood that exist between us and the other communities of our adopted home of Connecticut. We also aim to engage the community and share our resources, culture, and tradition. CT Gambians is an umbrella organization that welcomes all those who share our values and goals, regardless of their ethnicity and religious background.  


We appreciate your visit to our site and hope you will visit us again as we update this site regularly to herald all our upcoming events. Once again, I thank you for your interest.


Ebrima Sisay
President of Connecticut Gambian Association

Our Mission

Our Mission as an organization is to bring together the Gambian diaspora living in Connecticut with the aim of celebrating our rich cultural heritage and to make a positive contribution to the development and enrichment of our adopted home in the beautiful State of Connecticut.

Our Bylaws

The by-laws of the Connecticut Gambian Association was adopted by members of the association in 2014. 

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